April 5, 2017

5 Signs That Your SEO Is Not Up To Mark

  • by Nery Saenger
  • 3 Years ago
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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is being used more widely today to attract more businesses to your web page. It has become an easy and widely accepted means of attracting traffic in the digital world. But running a successful SEO can be a hard task, mainly if you are not experienced in it. It is important to follow some steps and to look out for signs whether your SEO is up to mark. Google always try to keep their searches optimized and free of any fraudsters. They will ban you and remove your web pages from their searches if they find any fraud.

  1. You buy or sell links that promise to increase traffic

You would have found many sites advertising links that claim to increase your traffic. If you find them, then stay away. Most of these links are spams, from disreputable sites and social networking circles. They may promise you complete protection from being found out, but like us all, even Google is evolving. Even if you haven’t been caught and blacklisted yet, there is a high chance that you will be in the future. So it is important to stay away from such links for your own good.

  1. You are in the wrong directory

Link directories are the most misunderstood part of SEO services. In the beginning, it was important to submit your blogs to specific link directories to provide you with a quick boost in search rankings. So it is important that we choose a good directory to represent us. If Google finds you are in the “bad neighborhood”, it can be disastrous to you and your company. So it is important to make sure that you are linked with a good directory which can help you improve the traffic to your site.

  1. You follow article marketing

Article marketing is a simple and easy way to get around Google’s security measures against fraudsters. In this process, you write an article and then make a few different versions of it, with different wording and headlines. This makes it seem to Google that there is no duplicate content and therefore prevents you from a duplicate content penalty. Article marketing is a dying method and just like I said, Google is evolving every day. Articles that used to bring traffic to pages are being taken down by Google due to article marketing.

  1. You stuff too many keywords

The term is self-explanatory. This means that you use the keyword over and over again to increase your search engine ranking. But this also makes the article unnatural and unreadable to the reader. Keywords density is only a tiny part of the algorithm that decides your search engine ranking.

  1. Your contents are not up to mark

The main objective of writing an article is to make sure that people find it informative and interesting. It is important to have good content that attracts the readers for maximum traffic. Google also makes sure that such links are given more importance in their search result.

SEO may seem like an easy way to attract traffic, but if you do not try to keep up to the standards of search engines, they could be blocked and removed. So you have to follow these steps to make sure that your SEO is up to mark.

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