August 2, 2018

5 Ways To Find A Limo For Yourself And Get A Tour Started! 

  • by Nery Saenger
  • 2 Years ago
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Winery tours are all about fun and games when it comes to Australia. However, deciding upon the type of car has a lot to do to ensure that the entertainment quotient stays intact. People usually prefer to opt out for tour plans or to rent vehicles to enjoy the wineries in leisure. But either way, the choice of the car turns out to be the differentiating factor of the whole experience.

There are many companies offering best winery tour packages or rent a limo service in Melbourne but choosing the right service provider is not an easy task.

Then there are few companies that offer both a tour plan and rent a car service. Amazing Limousines Melbourne in Australia has been providing its best fleet of limos for different occasions such as wedding, birthdays, parties, airports as well as winery tour to Yarra Valley and Morning ton Peninsula.

Considering the hassle that one has to go through while finalising the limo for a comfortable winery tour, below is given a few important tips to help you expedite the decision making process.


The first thing to check while planning a wine tour across Melbourne is credentials of the service providers. Every state issues license to the limo providers which enables them to run operations in the region else they can get into a legal mess while ruining your travel expense. Also, you should ask the limo provider for the commercial insurance of the limo and if clients are included in it or not.

Driver’s Knowledge 

Ask your service provider before plunging into the best winery tour Melbourne if you could talk to the driver about the itinerary or not. It is important for a driver to be knowledgeable about the place being visited in order to make the most of the tour. It is preferred if the driver is local as they know which routes are less congested and which wineries are an epitome of scenic beauty. All these things get cleared when you are able to talk to the driver and get to know about their awareness level of that particular area. You should also pour your heart out to them about the kind of expectations you have with the limo tour to the best wineries of Melbourne.

Custom Tour Plans 

Few companies have standard plans to the wineries while other will let you choose to customize it as per the places you want to visit in Melbourne. While custom is always preferred, there is another thing you should consider while choosing the wineries that those are open for public and not like something which would require appointment beforehand.

This happens a lot in the vicinity of Melbourne; therefore, seek guidance from the service provider in this regard.

Perks of Pre-arranged Wine Tours 

The pre-arranged trips to the Melbourne wineries are often designed by considering the taste and preferences of the clients. Therefore it is important that you inform your provider about the taste of the wines you like, preferred restaurants and favorites about sightseeing. This will help the company in improving and enhancing the experience of the tour for you.

Also, if you are travelling in groups then it is the right way to pamper them as your service provider will be doing the arrangements on your behalf for them to make it a worthwhile experience.

Fleet Size 

A company is also known for the size of the fleet it has. As few companies have a large fleet size of limos, others prefer to designate a few for the winery tours to give it a more personalised touch. The main purpose, however, is to assess if the chosen company can fulfil your desires about the ride and accommodate your needs or not. Therefore, ask as many questions as you can to satisfy your search and choose the best winery tour Melbourne only when you would be satisfied yourself.

Amazing Limousine has an updated fleet of limos as an offering for the winery tours across Melbourne. They can also offer personalised facilities and reasonable packages along with quality services and immaculate vehicles to meet your needs. Apart from that if a group is travelling then chipping in money for the tour would also bring down the per person cost of the Melbourne winery tour with a substantial margin.

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