May 2, 2019
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  • 8 Things You Need To Know About Sub Class 482 Visa of Australia

8 Things You Need To Know About Sub Class 482 Visa of Australia

  • by Nery Saenger
  • 1 year ago
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Australian government introduced subclass 482 visas in March 2018 while eliminating and replacing the subclass 457 with it, at the same time as well. This move made it impossible for people to apply for 457 visa post the inception date of 482 visas while those who applied for 457 before the arrival of 482 can still enjoy the features and perks of the 457 as yet. There exists a vast difference between these two types of TSS visas as rules have turned out to be more extensive and tougher to meet for the applicants which makes it near to impossible for them to commit errors or showcase any sign of negligence otherwise there is a high probability of getting your visa rejected. Considering this, it is imperative for an applicant to take aboard a professional visa service provider who could deal with the rules and regulations on your behalf while being very prim and proper with the required documents. Also, before applying for any visa type, it is mandatory that you make yourself aware of all the details about it beforehand in order to have a better idea that what you are going to sign up within the short as well as the long run. 

Considering the need at hand, below are given a few tips to guide you regarding the TSS 482 visa in depth, such as: 

Streams of 482 Visa 

There is three streams of 482 visa which therefore require you to get aboard 482 visa migration agent Brisbane because without professional assistance it will get difficult to get through the application process. Short term stream allows you to stay for up to 2 years in Australia, medium stream lets you stay for 4 years while the third one is labour agreement stream which is applied in cases of those jobs which are not given in the TSS list of jobs.  

Labour Testing 

It is important that the employer who is sponsoring the labour must run through the prerequisites of doing so. For instance, advert needs to be run on at least 2 mediums for 21 to 28 days, salary must be mentioned on it.  

Valid Nomination 

It is mandatory for the nominated person applying for the 482 migration visa to present strong reasons and evidence to prove that the job being filled in has a genuine need and is also listed on the occupation list by the board. Australian board keeps on revising the list on a routine basis, therefore, keep on checking to figure out if the nominated position is given on the list or not.  

Annual Market Salary Rate 

One must also bear in mind that the annual market salary rate differs from that of the market salary rate which was used in the 457 visa subclass. Now AMSR has stricter differentiation between monetary and non monetary remuneration, requiring the employer to pay equivalent to or above the temporary skilled migration income threshold. It is therefore equally important for the employer to seek help from professional 482 visa migration agent Brisbane while devising the remuneration package for the nominated position. 

Skill Assessment & Relevant Work Experience 

There are quite a few occupations given on the TSS list which require the applicant to demonstrate its skills, these occupations are mostly concentrated at trade-related, program and project coordinators jobs. However, the board intends to extend the circle of skill assessment to other occupations also with the passage of time. Moreover, it is also mandatory under the 482 migration visa that the applicant must have relevant experience of up to 2 years at least.  

Complete Documents 

It is imperative that employer and applicant both submit the complete documents along with the application as the incomplete or missing document would result in refusal. Therefore, better be vigilant about those than sorry.  

Fees & Charges 

One must also be aware of the rules and regulation with respect to family under this subclass visa type because when it comes to South Australia then you will have to pay a levy on behalf of your school going child, similarly, if your wife is at the verge of delivery then also, you need to pay a few charges on its behalf.  

Permanent Visa 

Short term visa holders cannot apply for the permanent residency in Australia, while medium stream visa holders can because the new rules require you to spend at least 3 years with your sponsored employer in order to be able to apply for the permanent residency.  

Goes without saying that, it is not the applicant who needs expert advice but an employer as well else costs would go up, more time will be consumed and more resources would be drained out.  

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