July 28, 2020

Benefits of video conferencing in a corporate environment

  • by Nery Saenger
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In this peak of technological inventions, video conferencing has been proven to be the best of all technologies for mankind. Gathering people all across the world to a single pace is one remarkable invention that cannot be taken for granted. Whether you own a small business or run a multinational company you need to interact with people outside your office, sometimes from other cities, or across the world. There are so many video call options today like Skype, Whatsapp calling, Google hangouts but If we compare latest and best audio visual solution in Melbourne for companies that is zoom video conferencing which is not too old and has the capacity of connecting hundreds of people at a single platform. Let’s figure out the perks this latest tool has brought for us. 

Highly adaptable and convenient  

 Zoom is highly convenient to integrate to your corporate setup linking your whole network to it with no hidden fees, just click on register and enjoy a wide online network just as you are sitting live with 100s of people in front of you with just a click. You can have family gatherings on zoom, office private or professional meetings, sales and purchase conversations any much more. This single network can be used for chats, webinars, counselling sessions, even you can deliver online lectures to your entire class. Another ease is that with zoom you don’t have to two or three separate video conferencing apps, everything is present in this single application. 

Dual screen and diversity 

While dealing with a large number of employees or students it becomes necessary to be able to see from both sides, zoom has a feature that allows you to stream dual screen at the same time so you can see both sides at the same time for a better collaboration and communication. Zoom supports different operation systems like MAC, android, IOS, and windows so that everyone can enjoy its features when a group collaboration is in process. Another form of diversity is zoom is operational in any part of the world so one doesn’t have to worry about where the client, or employee is present, you can always get connected with him/her through zoom video conferencing. 


People love this app at once is because of its infrastructure and quick integration on zoom’s cloud. It can also be deployed in 30 minutes onsite using zoom meeting connector which is an extension of zoom cloud infrastructure mainly used in internal networks and is completely simple and free of cost. Another amazing feature of zoom is M4A and MP4 recording so you can record your entire meeting in case you need the details later on.  

Zoom rooms 

Usually conference rooms are full of cords and wires due to multiple technological issues and more than one platform being used for online communication but zoom video conferencing based in Melbourne rooms are completely wireless without any disturbance and hindrances so you can have a smooth uninterrupted meeting which is beneficial for the entire office or company setup. 

Cost effective 

Video conference calling is one of the best ways of saving money by gathering large number of people from all parts of the world to a single space. Employees of the same business from different parts of the world can’t meet others for a single concern or discussion, adding up to a huge amount of cost saving by sharing diverse ideas and platforms on one online network. Travelling from one part of the world to another is not a piece of cake and requires a lot of money, remote collaboration from one room will save a lot of money for the entire business. 

Our company offers best audio visual solutions for your corporate entity switch to zoom video conferencing and watch for yourself how your life changes along with business growth, cost saving, smooth communications, and extended links and networks benefiting your entire business. Contact us today for all your audio visual problems and find their solutions with latest technological platforms and make yours and others life much easier than before. 

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