October 1, 2018

Feel Great, Look Great! 

  • by Nery Saenger
  • 2 Years ago
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In today’s world it seems that two people can hardly ever sit down and agree on something – anything and everything is a topic of debate. One thing, however, escapes this cycle of disagreement and that is very undoubtedly our love for the beach. Not a single one of us can ever convincingly say that they do not like the beach – there are just no reasons at all to support this point! No matter what the era or our age, beaches have remained one of the most popular places to hang out and relax for ages. In fact, with the extremely wide variety of beaches that we in Australia have to choose from, it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that we can all be considered something of beach snobs. Whether we want to vacation on white sand beaches, surf our day away, or spend time with the marine life, there is a beach for every person. Or, if we want to head over to more acclaimed spots, we can always head over to the Whitsundays, Bondi Beach or the Gold Coast and spend our vacations lounging about with our feet buried in the sand, gazing at the pristine, almost glass like surface of the water, with the sound of the crashing waves filling our ears and the salty smell all around.

Truly, going to a beach really is a sensory overload in the best way possible. The charm of the beaches isn’t just related to their scenic beauty, but also with the wide range of activities that we can partake in once we’re there. Anyone and everyone who heads to one of these gorgeous beaches will find something that he or she loves to do. Whether it’s having a picnic or a barbeque by the shore, playing volleyball or tag, surfing, or simply sitting back and letting the waves wash over us, there isn’t a single moment that we can be bored at the beach. Here is where we can just roll out our towels and bathe our skin in the heat and let it be turned the golden colour of sunshine. A trip to the beach isn’t just one that we make in the summer; these beaches can be equally captivating in the winter months as well – they can be the perfect place for us to head to for a quiet, calming stroll where we can hear the sea birds and the gentle sounds of the waves.

Of course, as with any place we do need to be decked out in the proper clothes to really have fun. We can hardly head to the beach in a suit or in heels, or in any elaborate clothes. With the sand blowing around everywhere and the sticky, salty air through our hair, it is only best if we dress as comfortably as possible. Of course, this calls for us to bring out our bathing suits and other beach gear, which is designed to keep us as comfortable and is completely no hassle! Beach gear isn’t just limited to swimsuits – we can take our pick from gorgeous flowy beach dresses for those of us who love the romantic billowy feeling it evokes, or we can pick surf gear and opt to wear rashies or boardshorts. With the advent of brands such as Roxy, beach wear has been taken from the plain boringness of yesterday and is now just as fashionable as daily wear.

These gorgeous pieces of beach wear can also be the perfect way for us to feel good in our own skin. In beach wear we don’t have to worry about getting our clothes messed up or dirty and our movement isn’t prevented by the clothes we wear. Much more importantly, beachwear can help those of us who struggle with body image to really put ourselves out there and see just how great we can look in swimsuits as well! There is no one swimsuit for any body type, and with Roxy, you can find the perfect one that you like!

Gorgeous swimsuits can be the best way for us to take our beach experience to a whole new level, as we can look perfect for our vacation pictures and can feel the best that we ever could. Designed to be as comfortable as possible, getting great swimwear from SwimwearGalore can be the best investment of this summer!

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