April 20, 2017

Here’s Why Your Small Business Needs a Mobile App

  • by Nery Saenger
  • 4 Years ago
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Mobile apps are ubiquitous nowadays. You may wonder whether your small business also needs one. Obviously, mobile applications do no bring the same benefits to all businesses. Here are several reasons why your small business may need a mobile application:

If There’s a Large Number of Mobile-Based Customers

If a good majority of your target customer base accesses services via a handheld device like a smartphone, then your business absolutely needs a mobile application. Having a mobile responsive site will not cater to all the needs of mobile-based customers. Apps offer more functionality and increase access to services. It’s worthwhile to seriously invest in app development with even a small, but significant, percentage of mobile oriented customers. The returns will be quite great, and your business will have the opportunities to grow with more mobile-based customers.

To be in Touch at All Times

According to market research, the average smartphone users spend more than 2 hours per day on his or her device. That’s a significant amount of time a business can be directly in touch with a customer. People are basically glued to their phones nowadays. The phones go with people to work, home, and stores. This provides ample opportunity for businesses to market themselves or their services. Having a mobile app is the only way to reach customers whenever they are connected.

Take Advantage of a New Direct Marketing Channel

Mobile applications are a particularly lucrative direct marketing channel. These tools are a great way to get special promotions, offers and other marketing content right into the hands of customers. Mobile users are more likely to respond to ads than desktop-based customers, who are more likely to use an ad blocker. Applications also offer notifications, which increase the chance of a customer seeing an ad.

Offer More Value to Loyal Customers

Mobile apps, in essence, offer great values to customers who are loyal. Let’s face it: people who are likely to download an app from a business are the ones who are already loyal. They seek more from the business, and the app is the best tool to provide that. Your business can use a mobile application to digitally execute a loyalty program, and sell special products to the most loyal customers.

Fix Low Customer Engagement Levels

Are you unhappy with low customer engagement levels at your business? Then a mobile application might be able to fix the issue, given that your business has a significant number of mobile-based customers. As mentioned above, a mobile application is a direct marketing channel. The same features can be used to improve upon customer engagement levels. For example, many businesses offer in-app customer service. Customers can use such features to communicate with the business with fewer restrictions in between. OpenTable is a very good example of how customer interactions can be improved with an application. Customers are also very likely to engage with your business via a text message than a phone call.

Beat the Competition

Having a mobile app will give your business an instant edge over all other competitors that do not offer mobile apps. All those mobile-based customers yet to be loyal to a brand will be yours to conquer. This is perhaps one of the most pressing needs to invest in a mobile app.

Think carefully about the points we discussed. If you think your business can benefit from one or two reasons given above, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with an app developer.

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