March 16, 2017

How to Blog to Boost your eBook Sales

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If you are an eBook author, you are most likely well aware of the marketing issues in the industry. The eBook market is extremely competitive. For a new author, it’s a tough market to crack. Traditionally, publishers handled the marketing aspects of the book. The author only had to handle the writing. You, as an independent eBook author, will be tasked with mastering both.

If your eBook is successful, you will get to keep all the profits. That’s obviously the biggest perk of independently writing. So, in order to make your eBook popular, there are a number of tactics you can try. First, you can start blogging. A blog can gain you recognition as an author, rather than solely sharing links on social media. If your blog becomes popular, your eBook sales will certainly rise. You may also be able to make some extra money on your blog.

You can easily start a blog using a platform like WordPress or Joomla. There are plenty of affordable services offering web hosting for Joomla, WordPress and other CMSs as well. So, you don’t have to worry about that side of things. Once you have decided to become a blogger, here’s what you should do:

Choose a Related, but Unique, Topic

The topic of your blog is the most important aspect of it. Stay away from generic topics thousand other people are blogging about. Instead, choose a unique one. The topic of your blog doesn’t have to directly relate to your boos either. It could be about writing, your genre, or even being broke, something authors are quite familiar with. The point is, the topic has to be interesting enough to captivate web users.

Have Control Over Your Blog

Most new bloggers give up control of their blogs to the CMS they are using. Don’t. For example, if you are using Joomla, then buy a managed Joomla hosting plan to host your blog without sharing server space. This level of control is important to handle the tech side of things.

Keep Posts Short and Interesting

When you blog, keep posts short. Unlike with a book, web users want to read blog posts quickly and be done with it. Therefore, keep your posts close to 500 words or shorter. But not too short like less than 250 words.

Once you have your blog up, join a group of other bloggers and eBook authors. These networks will help your spread your name and books across a wider audience. Also, these networks allow likeminded authors to help each other and promote each other’s works.

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