June 2, 2020

Importing Dogs to Australia- Meet a Companion for Life

  • by Nery Saenger
  • 4 Months ago
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The decision to own a dog is not something should be taken lightly. There are different factors to consider, and majority of the people who own one, treat them as their own family member. Dogs are without a doubt one of the most loving animals in the world, and they are going to add a considerable amount of happiness to your life. Those small enthusiastic fur balls do not require anything but your care and love in return and they are going to stick with you for the remainder of their lives. If you are moving to another state in Australia, then you may be concerned the most about your little partner and the harsh travelling conditions they would have to go through. We have heard many stories about animal cruelty in the past related to boarding kennel and this is the reason it is not the most trustable option for people. Even if you are going for a short time, and you want to make sure that your pet comes along with you, then the first step is to find a reliable pet shipping service. 

There are a variety of shipping services you will find in Australia, and not all of them promise the same level of love and care that you normally provide to your dog. This is the reason it is important that you do not compromise on the reputation of the boarding kennel you are choosing. Even if you are getting a very low price for importing dogs to Australia, you might want to think again and here are some reasons for it. 

Love and Care 

You want to only entrust your dog in the hands of a person who is going to promise to treat them with love and care regardless of how long they are going to stay with them. Most of the times kennels have a bad reputation and this is mainly due to the staff they have hired. It is important that pet shipping kennels always have staff who provide just as much as love to the pets as their owners do. Compromising on the quality of the boarding kennel you choose at first may save you some money, but the mental and even possibly physical damage it may cause to your pet is something that must be avoided at all costs. Paying extra money and choosing a reputable boarding kennel will ensure that your pet travels safely and gets the love and care that it deserves. 

Quick Transport 

Another reason people do not like the idea of importing dogs to Australia is because there are often far too many delays. You do not want to wait for hours at the destination only to find out that the flight has been delayed more than your anticipation. Professional boarding kennel services never do this and are always keen on making sure that the small fur babies are able to unite with their owners as soon as possible. After all, even if they are getting all the love and care in the world, they are still loyal to their masters and would want to spend time with them again as soon as possible. 

Building Trust 

If you have had bad experiences of boarding kennels in the past, then it might be because of the wrong people you decided to trust. Make sure that if you want to build your trust again, then you choose the right pet shipping services. They are going to provide your dog with enough love and care while shipping them that your faith in these services would be restored. It is always a better idea to spend extra money and only get pet shipping from experts, at least then you will have the assurance that your companion is in the right hands and they are being treated well enough. 

So now you understand that why importing dogs to Australia is such a huge dilemma and why so many people may be against it. However, if you are making the right choice and going for a reliable pet shipping service, then there is nothing wrong about it. You can easily travel with your partner and make sure that they stay safe as well. 

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