June 4, 2018

Introducing The Incredible Port Douglas

  • by Nery Saenger
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Australia is famous for cities like Sydney and Melbourne and to a slightly lesser extent Brisbane and Perth, but there are plenty of other incredible destinations in the country that quite simply should not be overlooked. One of those places is in Port Douglas in the north of Queensland, a fantastic place for a getaway and some relaxing. In case you haven’t heard of Port Douglas or you don’t know what to do when you are there, here’s a quick list to introduce you to this lovely town. 

Find a place to stay 

In Port Douglas luxury accommodation is in abundance. It is that kind of town; the sort of place with enough on offer to draw a sizeable crowd who want to be looked after properly when they are tired and weary at the end of a busy day, because without a doubt there is plenty to do in Port Douglas. 

Bearing in mind that Port Douglas is not the biggest place around you might struggle to find a room in the town during high season. If that is the case then look a little further afield where you are almost certain to find accommodation Palm Cove or Cairns, which are not too far away. 

Bucket List Stuff 

Ask most people about their bucket lists and you can be guaranteed that a significant portion of them will list a visit to the Great Barrier Reef as something they really want to see before they die. The good news is that Port Douglas is ideally situated to explore the reef and it is geared towards outings there with regular boat launches for snorkelling and SCUBA trips heading out on a daily basis. 

Wildlife on land as well 

Port Douglas isn’t just beach resort and incredible corals, it is also ideally situated adjacent to the Daintree National Park, an area of incredible tropical rainforest with an abundance of wildlife. Indeed aside from excursions into the forest, there are also fantastic family orientated wildlife activities available in the town where guided encounters with koalas and wallabies and other endemic animals are facilitated by experienced guides. 


Nothing like the big malls of the cities that is for sure, but the Port Douglas high street is packed with charming boutique stores which are just perfect for a quiet afternoon of browsing and shopping. Known as Macrossan Street there are also plenty of quality restaurants which offer almost anything your heart could desire. It’s a great place to spend a languid afternoon. 

Beaches that go on for miles 

Australia is famous for its beaches and Port Douglas is home to one of the best in the country. It is known as Four Mile Beach and its name pretty much says all that needs to be said. It is very long and it is pristine. Incredible white sand and clear blue sea and with palm trees dotted along the way, this beach is great for swimming or simply strolling along, hand-in-hand with a loved one.             



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