November 1, 2018

Places To Visit In Yarra Valley Tour 

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Yarra Valley at a Glance: 

Yarra Valley is situated at just an hour’s drive from Melbourne which is one of the main reasons why Melbourne is considered an amazing city for wine lovers. It is without any doubt one of the most famous wine producing regions of Australia. And it is not just the wine that attracts tourists from all over the country to this but the scenic beauty that this place provides is also a major factor. You will get to see the beautiful and serene sun-soaked vineyards while tasting some of the best wine of the country. Another factor that attracts so many tourists towards this area is the fact that it holds a very well-established historical background. With some of the country’s most famous wineries established in the area the history dates back to 1830s.

Ways to Visit Yarra Valley: 

There are a number of options that you can explore if you are planning a trip to Yarra Valley. Since the region is quite close to Melbourne most of the people go there for a single day trip. There are plenty of options for Private group winery tours Yarra valley which are actually quite affordable. You can very easily book these tours according to the number of people that you plan on visiting the place with. One of the best things about these tours is that you don’t have to worry about setting up the itinerary. Most of the group winery tours start at around 7 a.m. and include breakfast and lunch in the package. Most of these tours take people to 4 different wineries in the region which allows them to enjoy the trip while sipping different varieties of premium vine.

There are some other options available by which you can fully enjoy the trip to this beautiful wine region. One of these ways is to heir a driver to take you to the area and enjoy the wineries that you want to visit the most. You can also opt for going on a drive to the area with your friends but you will have to make sure that you have a designated driver amongst you.

Top Three Wineries in the Area: 

Following are some of the wineries that are most suitable if you are planning to go on a trip with a group of your friends to the beautiful and amazing Yarra Valley.

  1. Domain Chandon is one of the most historical and majestic wineries in the area and is a very popular attraction amongst tourists. It is grand in size and have a collection of top-quality fine vine that you can test and buy. They are open for public visits every day from 10 30 a.m. to 4 30 p.m. where people can roam around and take a look at the vine making process. At the end of the trip you are welcomed by a variety of red and white vine in the tasting room.
  2. Soumah is the next most popular winery in the area. It is smaller as compared to Domain Chandon but there is a rustic aura to it which attracts many visitors towards it. It can be difficult for some of the new visitors but the locals are very helpful and once you reach the place you will realize that it was worth all the effort.
  3. Rochford combines the best of both worlds and gives you an amazing variety of premium vine along with some of the most elegantly cooked dishes. The place is famous for using fresh and local ingredients and producing amazing sea food dishes.

Recommended by Locals: 

If you are new in Melbourne and planning to visit Yarra Valley, the first recommendation that you will get from any local amongst the places to visit will without any doubt be the Innocent Bystander. The place has a more modern and industrial interior which is unique to the area. On the weekend this place is the main attraction in the area where people come with their friends and in groups to enjoy good quality fine with some amazing food. The place is bright and bursting with energy. The place is famous in the area for their amazing paellas and woodfired pizzas.

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