August 17, 2018

Reasons Why To Visit Australia’s Scenic Blue Mountains

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The Blue Mountains in South Wales, Australia are not to almost everyone who is a nature fanatic. They are majorly famous for a huge rock formation in Katoomba, known as the iconic Three Sisters. But, there are a very few people who know that these mountains have a lot more going than the just rock formation that we are talking about here. If you want to take a break from the world, and enjoy some time in serenity and breathe fresh air, these mountains must be your calling. Only half an hour away from Sydney, these mountains have unique shops, little cafes, peaceful towns and a lot of quirky and eclectic stuff. To summarize it, if you are looking for an ideal day getaway or want to spend a few nights away from the usual everyday hustle bustle of a metropolis, the Blue Mountains and the surrounding area are the best offerings of Australia. It is your out of the ordinary holiday, which will leave a sweet and memorable experience in your hearts. For one thing, you will never have had enough of them. So, coming to the reasons on why you must visit the Blue Mountains in South Wales, there are many. But, to help make your mind, we are listing the best ones below.  

If you have an adventure and thrill flowing inside your veins and you want to let it out on the unsurpassed natural views, then Scenic World, Katoomba is for you. It is a privately owned major tourist attraction, which houses not only steepest passenger-carrying railway in the world, but also has the country’s only glass-bottomed cable car. What used to be a working mine till 1945, is now a major reminiscence of the country’s history, giving an exciting glimpse of how people used to live back in the day. If you want the best views of the area, then you need to go underground. Take Blue Mountains Tours, straight to the Jenolan Caves, and experience crystal-clear underground rivers in all their entirety. It is the world’s oldest and best-preserved cave systems, and are your entryway for a holiday to another world.  

Next reason would be undoubtedly the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, which offers endless views of perfectly maintain gardens. It is said to be a safe haven for botanist and garden lovers. Pack a picnic, spend the afternoon lazing around the evergreen garden and snuggle with your loved one to have the perfect day of your life. Another reason to entice you to visit Blue Mountains would be the Folk Music Festival that is held annually in March. It is a must-visit for all those who love music and traditional festivals. With good food, music and dancing all the time; local, international and national artists perform at this three-day fiesta. So, you have taken a ride of the nature and enjoyed the music festival, now is the time to visit paradise. Just about a 30-minute drive west of Katoomba, is a genuine Japanese bathhouse. There is an outdoor pool, which is filled with water from a natural hot spring, an herbal steam room, an outdoor pool and massage rooms. What more do you need to connect to a little spirituality inside of you and detox of all the stress? 

In a world of its own, Leura Village is loved by tourists and locals alike, as it blooms in the spring. With the cafes, local art galleries, and the Sunday Markets, you will just fall in love with how quickly this place will become home to you. The hot chocolates and homemade pumpkin soups paired with the scenery it has to offer, makes your winter amazing like no other. The last reason and one of the major reasons on why you should visit Blue Mountains is the mystery that encompasses it – the Blue Mountains Mystery Tours. These tours are unique and specially designed to give an in-depth tour of the ancient myths, old ghost stories, aboriginal stories and the geology associated with the area. You can choose a daytime tour, or if you are into spooky trips and mysteries, the night-time ghost tour is the one only bravest of souls can easily get through. 

These were just a few reasons in a long list of major reasons on why you should just book a flight to Australia, and visit Blue Mountains right now. We understand the gush of excitement and adrenaline that you are feeling right now, because we want to pack our bags and hop on to the next available flight too.   

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