November 23, 2018

Things To Consider When Choosing A Venue For Your Event  

  • by Nery Saenger
  • 2 Years ago
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The biggest problem we all face whenever there is some important event happening in our life, is to actually find the venue for the event. Obviously, there are dozens of items that must be checked and taken care of while choosing the things that must be done with regards to the event. Where you are going to hold your event is important to answer, because all the arrangements depend on it otherwise. Simply put it, the venue is an integral part of every event, and yet it is the most difficult to be dealt with. To help you out with the process, here are a few things you must consider while looking for a venue and making a decision to go ahead with one. There can be some modifications to the following, as per the event and your venue liking, but believe is, considering these will help you overcome a major obstacle.  


Location is the key for any and every venue. Obviously, you wouldn’t want an event to cater to the audience that lives in the city and go for a venue that is outside the city. You wouldn’t get a turnout this way, and your event will convert into a complete disaster. Similarly, when you have a personal gathering or let’s say a family function, you would want to have the venue situated in an area that is easily accessible for all the people who will be coming in to attend the event. It is simple. The convenience of the location is what makes or breaks the turnout of any event. Let’s say, you want to hold an exhibition or a small gathering on Chapel Street, you will definitely look out for function venues Chapel Street, because this is where your core audience will be coming from. So, the first thing you need to make sure and sort out is the location. All else will follow, if you are vigilant about what area and location you want to opt out for. The key here is to limit your guests the hassle of finding the venue and spending hours to reach or to find it. It will also be easier for you, because having a venue near to the core space will help you move in and out the equipment with convenience. 

Size & Ambiance: 

Once you have decided the location you want your venue to be in, it is about time you jump to the specifics. Before getting into the further details, map out the type of the event and the budget you will be comfortable spending on the venue. When you have that, it will be easier for you to look around for the options that meet the needs. After that, you have to question each and every place you are searching, for the size. How many people will be attending the event? How is the arrangement going to be? Will your guests be comfortable in the particular venue you are choosing? Always keep the capacity a little spacious and greater than the total number of people attending. It will give the venue an aura of grandeur and will help the guests move around freely. Once you have discovered your size needs, move on to the ambiance. Let’s say you opted for function venues in chapel street because you wanted to host a formal team dinner, your venue space should have a feel of professionalism and minimalism to it. On the contrary, if the event is some dance party or a fun gathering, the venue will have to be lively and full of energy. Feel the vibes you are getting from the venue and decide if it is suitable for the event you have or not. In the end, it all boils down to the feel you are going to have during the event day and we are sure, you don’t want to kill the vibes.  


Now that you are done with the location and choosing the right venue, it is about time you see if your pocket allows you to rent it or not. The budget is always the biggest concern while organising the events, hence cost should be an important factor while selecting the venue. Plan your cost, and find the best option for your pocket as per the event and the services you want for it. 

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