February 22, 2017

Unique Home Design Choices For The Summer

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You know what summer means. A lot of guests coming to visit, lot of redecorating to do, even more cleaning and baking. There’s no other time than the summertime to get those winter cobwebs out along with last year’s design choices. Modern home decoration styles change faster than the tech industry. Those plastic outdoor dining set and wine red curtains you bought for last summer won’t do well this year. When the sun shines, it’s time to embrace new ideas to showcase the spirit of a season filled with warmth and fun. Here are some of the hippest home decorating design tips for this season:

Natural material for furniture

Ditch the plastic and synthetic fibre tables and chairs you bought last year, they are no longer the thing for chic homes. All the rage now is for furniture made with natural material like wood and wicker. Natural material furniture gives living areas an organic and unpretentious look your neighbours will probably envy. Natural material, which are biodegradable, are also a lot more environmentally friendly than synthetic, non degradable material like plastic. Besides, all the branded chairs, tables and beds are now made from natural material. It’s also easy to find exceptional artisan styles for natural material furniture, so now is the time to start searching for discount wicker outdoor furniture online before the demand makes prices spike.

Geometric shapes

Are your curtains, bed sheets, cushion covers and other items decorated in flowers, fruits and butterflies? Then you are still living in 1990. Give your home a sharp but pleasing modern look with geometric shapes. The various math-inspired shapes will be such a fresh look on the eyes because so many homes stick to old fashioned swirls and roses. Carpets and sofas decorated in these unique designs will surely be a welcoming change from the tiring old tropes.

Natural lightening

Ideally in the summer, you wouldn’t need to turn on a light until after serving supper at 7 p.m. It’s the season of the sun, so your house should be ready to welcome plenty of sunlight into all rooms except the basement. Get rid of the thick and dusty curtains of the winter and let windows go bare to let in the light. All your rooms should be well lit during daytime. Believe it or not, sunlight is the ultimate design choice you can make this season. Welcome your guests into a living room well lit to let the colours stand out, not a dark and dreary one.

Outdoor living

It’s the summer, so move all your fun activities outside, at least that’s what the top home designers have to say this year. Set up an outdoor dining area for evening tea and luncheon gatherings, instead of hauling everyone inside. Dust off your barbeque grill and consider installing a pizza oven outside for memorable summer night get togethers. Families can get trampolines, outdoor pools, plastic slides and other thrilling activities small children can enjoy without serious safety concerns. Set up all your tables and chairs in well shaded areas in your garden, as the summer sun can be a bit too much to bear for too long. Don’t forget to water your flower beds because they will be the ultimate decorations for your yard.


Inspired? Try one of the above suggestions for to make your humble home rival the best on the French Riviera.

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