January 28, 2019

Using a car battery made easy!

  • by Nery Saenger
  • 2 Years ago
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 “VHROOOM…!” Don’t you like this sound when your car makes it? This is the sound of the car which is well maintained. A battery of the car is one of the most important component of your car, a dead battery means your car will not start. Its main role is in the optimum functioning of alternator’s voltage regulator while the engine is running and to provide charge to electric parts of a car even when the engine is not running. Important to note; a car battery has chemicals which produce hydrogen gas during use. Hydrogen gas may explode causing serious damages and injuries, for example in a scenario where you poke at terminals carelessly with a screwdriver or jump starting a car with the wrong method. Before you start to charge your car battery you need to be prepared with the right equipment, it’s very easy to get a shock if the battery still has charge. Remove the battery from the car and keep the car manual handy. You have two options while charging your car battery; with the alternator or with an external charger. The alternator normally charges the battery when the engine is running and the accessories such as headlights are not in use so the excess RMP produced is used to charge the battery of the car. Typically a well-maintained car battery charger is estimated to have 12.4 v to 12.6 v.  

A magical solution to a dead battery is the invention of an external car battery charger. It functions by drawing on 120 v of AC current from the outlet transitioning it into a 12 v DC current for charging the car battery. This conversion occurs at a low rate which is necessary otherwise could cause damage. With technological advancements, there are now cheap car batteries also available that provide with the same juice as other expensive car battery charger. Battery requires charging if the car is being used a lot for short trips with a lot of stops or when the car has been parked for a long time like in winters, the battery will self- discharge. 

Before hooking up to the cheap car battery charger, clean the battery post and check the electrolyte level in the batteries. Some batteries cannot tolerate overcharging, would reduce storing capacity and may damage the battery. Remember the following steps when using a car battery charger; be absolutely certain about the battery charger is off. Secure the positive lead from the charger to the positive terminal on your battery. Affix the negative cable on the charger to a good ground. Accurately set voltage and amperage on your battery charger.  First, remove the negative cable and then the positive cable (unplug before disconnect). Depending on the voltage of the car battery and the amperage of the external charger like 11.85 v or below of the battery and the production of 5A by the battery will take around 12 hours to charge fully. Increasing the amperage will fasten the charging time but take necessary caution.   

A car battery charger not only saves you effort but also the time that you need to take out to go a repair shop. The cheap car battery charger will also be less expensive and time-saving just like any other car battery charger. It is better to have a backup then to be stranded somewhere due to a dead battery. A trickle charger is also effective as it gives charge to the battery on low voltage and is used for charging of both small capacity and large capacity batteries. This type of charger can be used when you are storing your car as it provides the charge on the rate of self-discharge of the battery, best used to avoid overcharging of the batteries. 

When choosing a battery charger for your car many factors need to be taken into consideration such as; affordability, amperage, and easy storage etc. Highly recommended for this purpose would be Elinz. Investing in a cheap car battery charger is a wise decision, saves you money and also gives you the numerous benefits similar to a normal car battery charger. When buying, consult the experts and the manual of your car for the maximum harvest of your investment. 

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