June 5, 2018

Why Every Business Must Have A Domain Name? 

  • by Nery Saenger
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A business in order to flourish and scale new heights of success it must be able to reach out to a wider audience and target as many new customers and clients as possible for its services or products. Thus, marketing and advertising is one of the mantras of success for every business, irrespective of its type or size, local or international.  

There are several ways to reach out to a broader customer base. And, this being the digital revolution age, it is an obvious choice to opt for digital media as means of advertising. One of the most basic forms is to reach the world via a website and the requirement for this is to get domain names registration done to obtain a name through which users can type and search for you and access your website. 

A domain name is highly significant to the business as it forms acts like an identity of the company and is a display window for the world to view your business and its products (or services).  

The other reasons why getting a domain name for your business are essential are listed below  

Reasons why every business needs to have a domain name  

  • It adds credibility to the business  

A domain name proves that the company is adapting to the current times by having an online presence and even practicing e-commerce. Add to that a domain name that is specific to your business, it creates a trust amongst the website visitors and adds credibility to the business. It indicates to those visitors who are still vary of conducting business online that the company is serious about its online image and is spending to create a domain name specific to its business.  

  • It helps create a brand name for the business  

A domain name is the identity with which customers will search for and associate and identify your business with. It thus acts as a brand name for your business and creates awareness about it too. If you choose to use the same domain name as that of your business then it drives down the point even more significantly. Customers will recall the name easily and return often. Additionally, an easy to remember domain name will help promote the business via word of mouth publicity.  

  • It creates mobility and signifies the business is following the digital revolution  

A business with a domain indicates that the company is in step with the changing trends and is accepting and inculcating the digital improvements which are part of the digital revolution. It creates an image of a forward thinking company. Also, a domain name of the name company provides ease of mobility irrespective of the server provider.  

  • It helps target web users and specific audience too 

If the domain name has the right keywords to describe the business or has the name of the business itself then users searching for the specific keywords or for products or services similar to your will come across your website foremost. Thus with the right domain names, users making specific search as well as random users can be diverted towards your web site.  

In conclusion  

These points indicate that having a domain name for your business is not a question of yes or not as its advantages and uses outnumber any reasons or points that suggest otherwise.  


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